Courage is a virtue that we all admire.
The cowardly lion strived for it, without realizing he had it all along.

Alex Marlet found his own courage at a very young age.

Alex is a former Project Give Back student who was eager to be the first presenter in his class last year: a feat which reflects enough courage in and of itself. He is currently a grade 6 student who attends a public school in Toronto, but he is exceptional in the way that he exudes passion and integrity and he has become a role model for his fellow classmates to follow.

For his project, Alex chose the charity, Courage Canada, a cause which “brings the blind to the ice, one stride at a time”. Oh, did we mention that Alex, himself, is blind?

As part of his presentation, Alex led his class in a discussion about the merits of this charity. Courage Canada was formed by NHL draft player, Mark DeMontis, who lost his own sight at the age of 17. Through his connection with the charity, Alex was given the rare opportunity to skate and he shared this experience with his fellow classmates. Alex displayed photographs of his time spent on the ice and through his speech, he inspired his peers to never be afraid of facing challenges and taking risks. He was so excited to be the first presenter and this eagerness and enthusiasm for what he was presenting was contagious throughout the entire class. He also led an activity in which his peers were blindfolded and they got to experience challenges first hand. In all, his presentation captured the true essence of what Project Give Back strives to achieve; spreading kindness and empathy in others.

Leading by example is just one way in which you can exemplify this courage, and Alex Marlet is our kind of leader. Thank you for sharing your passion with us, Alex.

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