The PGB Program

Our Mission

Through our mission, students teach us about a charitable cause that influences their lives and we all learn together.  We establish a strong connection with the students who become motivated, challenged and inspired through their own personal journey.

The PGB Program
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How the Project Began

Project Give Back is a premier provider of compassion and leadership education for elementary students.  Project Give Back began in 2007 through the inspiration of its founder and community advocate, Ellen Schwartz.  Ellen, a teacher, realized that the specialized program she created for her grade four classroom was having a tremendous impact on the children who participated.  For over a decade, this unique grass roots project has grown and expanded and is a highly regarded educational program in schools. Her vision and mission of giving has empowered thousands of children, along with their families and local communities.

Project Give Back inspires young minds to develop meaningful relationships with their community and become global minded citizens.  The program ignites a spark and students of today become the leaders of tomorrow who make a positive impact on the lives of others.  The Project Give Back symbol, a boomerang, represents the inner joy we feel when we throw kindness out into the world.

Learning Goals and Outcomes

  • Children identify their passion and are empowered to educate and raise awareness
  • Students understand the feelings associated with giving and sharing which results in a stronger sense of self-worth and accomplishment
  • Becoming personally connected to the material and putting forth exceptional effort
  • Developing skills in research, persuasive writing, oral expression and presentation techniques
  • Practicing leadership, vision, organization, gratitude, empathy and open-mindedness
  • Nurturing a supportive environment where students who experience personal challenges are met with empathy and understanding from their peers
  • The breadth of classroom presentations raises awareness to the myriad of challenges people face and promotes sensitivity that reduces judgement and bullying
  • Lessons extend beyond the school year as thousands of young adults are staying involved and taking action with their respective causes

How it Works

Project Give Back is a weekly program that runs from October to May in a partner school. Lessons are conducted during a weekly set period in a class or multiple classes within each school. All PGB teachers are carefully selected and trained to deliver the distinctive, specialized curriculum. There are up to 24 quality lessons that incorporate direct teaching, classroom discussion, language arts skills, student presentations and a variety of critical thinking exercises.

Throughout the year, the Project Give Back instructor delivers the weekly lessons and activities and the host teacher acts as a support and partner. Students will receive a personalized letter after their individual presentation. This includes insightful comments about their project display, speech and interactive FUNraiser.

Project Give Back is offered in grades 4, 5 or 6 and schools can select which classes and/or grades best suit participation in the program. The program has been developed to include all levels of student abilities, English as a Second Language and diverse learning styles.

Parts of the Program

Part 1
Research and Presentation

Students will:

  • choose a charity of their choice (local, national, international)
  • research the history, mission and contributions of the organization
  • gather information including pamphlets, posters and flyers that that will enhance the project
  • learn how to simplify complex information and write answers to specific questions
  • prepare a detailed written and oral report
  • create a short presentation to the class, speaking from the heart, about their charity
  • design a creative project that showcases their charity
Part 2
Planning and Implementing a FUNraiser

Students will:

  • plan a co-operative group activity that they will organize, implement and oversee
  • submit a detailed project plan with a graphic organizer
  • utilize problem solving skills to plan and prepare for the interactive activity
  • discuss and review the event with their class
  • carry out a hands-on “FUNraiser” that demonstrates a unique aspect of their charitable cause
  • organize an interactive game, guest speaker, media presentation, creative activity or physical exercise
Part 3
Business Letter, Response & Wrap-up

Students will:

  • compose a personalized letter addressed to their charity outlining their unique project
  • present thank you letters or any acknowledgements from the organization
  • share pictures of the students’ presentation with their charity
  • evaluate the impact of the program on their lives and assess individual learning goals
  • celebrate their SUCCESS

Why Choose Project Give Back

  1. Follows Ontario Ministry of Education Guidelines
  2. Incorporates strands in the Language Arts and Social Studies Curriculum
  3. Multi-disciplinary program that fosters skill development in many areas
  4. Taught by Certified Teachers with Bachelor of Education Degrees
  5. Offered in TDSB and YRDSB
  6. Operates in Public and Independent Schools in the GTA and surrounding areas
  7. Builds community partnerships with local organizations, businesses and charities
  8. Registered charity with subsidized funding available for eligible schools
  9. Nurtures passion for helping others and developing feelings of self-worth, responsibility, confidence and a sense of accomplishment
  10. Program runs for eight months and is an integral part of the weekly classroom schedule
  11. Empowers students to become community and global ambassadors for a worthy cause, while building character and compassion