We’re Back!


We are back!

Did you miss us?

We didn’t go anywhere.  We were just busy revamping our website and getting ready for another amazing year of inspiring projects.  And here we are!  This school year will be that more special because it includes the following additions.

For the 2018/19 school year we are thrilled to add the following schools to our roster: these schools are Brownridge Public School, Donview Middle Health and Wellness Academy, Eitz Chaim Schools, Patricia, Essex Junior and Senior Public School, Ledbury Park Elementary and Middle School, Nellie McClung Public School, and The Mabin School. Welcome to the wonderful world of Project Give Back!

We also have five new inspiring teachers to add our illustrious team – Please help us welcome Dani Seligman, Rachel MacMillian, Jordan Katz, Michelle Wagman and Reena Cohen. Like all our teachers, we know that the addition of these wonderful leaders will nurture, inspire and guide our students on their incredible journey that they are about to experience.

While our program grows each year, we continue to maintain that intimate relationship with all our students, as it is our students who bring to light the stories which make us so proud. That is why we are so excited to announce that we will be sharing our inspiring stories on a monthly basis with a local magazine called, Neighbors.  Each month the magazine will feature one of our outstanding students in a feature called Shining Stars. This collaboration will help spread our message even further and showcase the amazing achievements of some of our finest young advocates. Check out these articles in the next edition of Neighbors magazine.

We are off to and great start and so excited to see what this school year brings. Good luck to the Class of 2018/19!