Erin Sade got it and she will never forget it!

Erin is now 13 years old, but back when she was in grade 6, she participated in PGB and the rewards of the experience keep coming!

At the time, Erin chose the Yad Vashem Society- Twinning Project as her cause. It was a cause that was close to her heart. Her presentation came and went, but it was never forgotten. Obviously, the awareness that she raised in this cause must have left an indelible impression on Fran Sonshine, the national chair of the Yad Veshem Society of Canada, as Erin was asked to come speak at a recent ceremony. Erin’s mother attests that without the initial exposure to PGB, Erin would have never gotten involved in this incredible experience.

On October 4th, Erin not only gave an inspiring speech, she also shared her musical talents on violin. In a touching tribute, Erin performed before an enthralled audience, proving once again the joys of giving back to her community.

This is not the first time a PGB alumni had been honored for their on going commitment to a cause, nor will it be the last. Congratulations Erin on this remarkable achievement. You have made everyone so proud. We look forward to seeing what you do in the years to come!