The Jacob Effect


Jacob Schwartz And Project Give Back will be forever intertwined.  After all, it was he, who inspired the inception of the program.  While he may no longer be here in body, Jacob’s spirit will live on in every single project that occurs and in the hearts of all the students he has influenced. Every day, in every class, in every school where PGB occurs, the “Jacob Effect” will be felt.  

With all our hearts, we share a tribute to our greatest hero, Jacob Schwartz.

Heaven just received a star that will shine brighter than any have done so before, and his name is Jacob Schwartz. This remarkable young man touched the lives of countless friends, family, students, parents, educators, artists, musicians and more! The legacy that he has left will not only endure, but it will flourish with all of those who have had the good fortune of benefiting from the “Jacob Effect”.

Jacob’s life should serve as a testament to what we should all strive to be, for the lessons he has taught us are incomparable. What is it that we have we learned from him? We have learned to appreciate the beauty in everything around us, the sounds of the voices of loved ones, the pure beauty of music, the simple pleasures of a touch, the joy of soaring above, the calming nature of water on the skin, the soft caress of a lake breeze, and the warmth of the presence of those who surround you. He has taught us how to live our lives to the fullest, by enjoying these simple nuances to which we rarely give a second thought.

Yet, in the 21 years that Jacob lived, he experienced as much as life has to offer in his own special way. His courage and endurance were beyond miraculous. His smile and laughter were validation that everything was going to be okay. And it will be okay, because Jacob taught us how to make it all okay. What he provided to those around him were these lessons of enlightenment and inspiration, and a credence to live by. What better legacy can someone pass along? We are all simply better people because of this remarkable young man, Jacob Schwartz.  The “Jacob Effect” will be everlasting and so will his legacy.