Our Team


Lindsay Batori, Teacher

Lindsay Batori has been a teacher with PGB for over 6 years now, and is a former elementary teacher with the TDSB. As a mother of two with a background in education, Lindsay’s life and teaching experiences add to her classroom lessons. She makes learning both meaningful and fun for her students and has always has a smile on her face.

Lindsay recalls a moment at a PGB school fair when a grateful parent thanked her for having such an impact on her daughter who often struggles. The mother was so inspired by the program and said it was her daughter’s favourite part of the week. Even shedding a few tears, the parent was so appreciative of the work that we do. This made Lindsay realize that whatever she gives to her students, she gets back 10 times over! Lindsay says, “The excitement and look in their eyes when I walk in every week is what inspires me. I just love those kids!”