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Lesli Goldstein, Teacher


Lesli Goldstein, Teacher

Lesli is a longstanding teacher and mentor with the PGB program, entering her 11th year. Her early career focused on teaching organization, life skills, mental health, coping strategies and the Slingerland cursive writing program at an independent school. Lesli loves teaching PGB and watching her students grow throughout the school year. Their questions, comments, passion and empathy are limitless.

Lesli loves connecting with her students from previous years and witnessing the sparkle in their eyes then they talk of the program and want to “do it again.” She says, “I love hearing the amazing things they are doing now.” Showing kindness and a smile is so simple, yet it goes a long way in making others feel special, heard, seen and valued.

Lesli is a loving mom of 3 boys and spends much of her free time cheering them on in hockey, basketball and football. Otherwise, she enjoys traveling, biking and cooking. Lesli holds a BA (Hons) in Sociology from York University, an MSW from the University of Toronto, and a BEd. from OISE.