Our Team


Cheryl Daniels, Teacher

Cheryl has been teaching Project Give Back students for over 10 years and is a role model to all who know her. She has enjoyed bringing her experiences of teaching high school for 11 years, being actively involved in a variety of charities and raising her 3 daughters into her weekly classroom lessons.

Cheryl is constantly in awe of her PGB students as they demonstrate empathy, compassion and initiative to affect positive change in our world. She is amazed by how these students enthusiastically spread awareness of their chosen charity. They eagerly take on the role of teacher as they share their special passion with their classmates. The magic continues as she watches the whole class discuss, evaluate and analyze current social issues. This is where the change happens! Now PGB students recognize that they, despite their young age, have to power to make a difference. This is why Cheryl so values her time teaching this unique and inspirational program. Cheryl holds a Masters of Education from Columbia University, a Masters of Arts in History from the University of Toronto and an Honours Bachelors of Arts from McGill University.