Our Team


Ali York, Teacher

Ali’s passion for teaching has been primarily focused on the milestones of grade one and the excitement for literacy. She holds her MEd in Language and frequently thinks about her training in Special Ed and ECE. With over 15 years of knowledge and practice in her own classrooms at RHA, Ali enjoys the opportunity that PGB brings to her to work within another community and to share the journey of empowerment that PGB offers her students there. To be able to help guide students along the path from thinking about empathy to becoming ambassadors for their chosen cause is truly an inspiring gift. As a mother, Ali hopes to lead her 2 children by example and holds giving back to her community as a high priority in her schedule. Volunteering with Out of the Cold, school councils/events and participating in Ride for Heart have become part of the family time together. Hoping always to inspire her children at home and in the classrooms to give back.