“Super Bowl” Matty


As we often tell our students at the end of the school year, PGB isn’t over, it’s just beginning. The program can continue in your hearts, minds, and actions if you choose to do so. And that is exactly what happened to Matty Abrahams. Last year, when Matty was in grade 5, he chose Camp Oochigeas as his charity. Camp is an experience that Matty loves with all his heart and he wanted kids to have the same opportunity to attend camp, regardless of their health. He aptly chose Camp Ooch and did a wonderful job with his presentation. Like other students, he wrote the charity and told them about his PGB experience. But it didn’t end there.
In the fall, Matty, now in grade 6, received a personalized letter back, asking him to continue his involvement with the camp. Matty was so excited by receiving the letter and the prospect of doing more. But what to do? Brainstorming with his family and combining his love of sports, Matty came up with the idea of hosting his own Super Bowl Pool, with all proceeds going directly to Camp Ooch!! And not just a simple pool, but one with fun trivia and elements that would entice all. Friends and family were more than happy to contribute the $20 entry fee and then some. In the end, Matty had 44 entries and raised $3357 for Camp Oochigeas! With the great success of his first pool, Matty hopes to continue the tradition next year. Matty has proven that by following your heart and your head, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. He is truly what you call a Super Bowl All MVP!