As some of our classes head off on a well deserved March Break, we reflect back on the inspiring lessons that we have witnessed so far. For once it comes to presentation time, the students take over the classes and become teachers. It’s an incredible transition that needs only some guidance mixed in with a little direction to produce these pure magical results.

It’s hard to capture just exactly what effect the program has on us all, but here are a few snippets from some of our teachers just to give you a sense of the awesome!

What do you ❤ about PGB?

I love seeing kids come out of their shells as they share their passion with the rest of the class.
I love seeing them put their passion into ACTION!
I love how the kids support and encourage each other during presentations!!
I love how they tell me PGB is their favorite part of the week!
I love that smile that comes across each student after they completed their presentation- just the sense of pride and accomplishment that they all emote.
I love how the kids find their voices and become the expert on their cause. I am also always amazed how much the other students retain from their friend’s presentation.
I love when one child shares their experience and finds out that another classmate has been through the exact same thing.
Amy G
The process of spreading awareness and kindness allows us all (teachers and students) to feel like givers.
I love how much the students learn about so many amazing organizations.
Amy P
I love how excited the kids get when they see me in the hall, and know that Project Give Back is next! It makes me feel proud when they tell me ‘they never want PGB to end’.
I love how fortunate I am that I have the privilege of reading about every presentation that takes place in every PGB classroom everyday of the week.
I love when I see the pride each child experiences the moment they realize that they CAN make a difference! It’s so powerful!
I love watching the transition in the children who question their ability at the start of PGB to their confidence and pride at the end of the program.

You can’t necessarily sum up what PGB is in words, but you can’t stop us from trying.
It is an honour and joy to take part in something that is so remarkably profound. How lucky we are to love what we do.
And we do!

Can’t wait to see what takes place the rest of the year.

What do you ❤ ?