Season 2 Episode 7- Be Uniquely You!

Season 2 Episode 7- Be Uniquely You!


Welcome to our first PGB Connects of 2022! This Episode was focussed on ‘Being Uniquely You’. We hear these famous quotes all the time –

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” Oscar Wild.

“Be yourself. Who else is better qualified?” Frank J. Giblin Jr.

Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and so many popular artists preach this message, and yet there is this fear to be our authentic selves. Social Media and the fashion industry certainly don’t help.

In her latest book, author Glennon Doyle writes. “Ten, is when we begin to hide who we really are in order to become what the world expects us to be. Ten is when the world sat me down and told me to be quiet.”

On this episode, we featured people who live their authentic lives. They have such insights that both inspire and open our eyes.

Adrienne Gold is back! Adrienne speaks all over the world and has impacted thousands of lives. She used to be a Canadian television personality who specialized in fashion, style and beauty. She takes her experience, along with many hours of research and pours it into her powerful talks, podcasts and leadership.

Adrienne started by stating her current age of 63 1/2 years old, yet said she feels more beautiful than when she was 33, 23, or 13. By the time she was 12, Adrienne would dress to hide what she looked like. She was convinced that she was unlovable and hid herself in her fashion. If she was ‘kooky’ enough, that would distract others from her looks. For her, fashion was a corrective necessary to hide in plain sight.

For many years, Adrienne worked as a stylist and became disgusted with an industry that was vested in self hate. If you don’t like how you look, you will purchase things to cover up what you look like. Social images are produced to create subliminal messages. Perpetuating what had originally messed Adrienne up, she found that she was now part of the problem.

Adrienne was shocked to see images all around her that were not reality. Commercials displayed 18 year old’s playing the role of a mother. Images were altered all in the name of advertising. She went on to share photos of women and men that were photoshopped. Cyber images of a person that does not exist in reality.

When you compare yourself with anyone but yourself, most of the time you are engaging in an illusion, for no one is perfect. A perfect body is one that wakes up in the morning and draws another breath. There is only one way to feel good, and that is to make yourself a promise for self care; to spend an equal amount of time working on your character as much as you do on your physical image. For the greatest beauty is not determined by physical structure but rather our character. Look away from ads and into your own heart. You are perfect exactly the way you are!

Our musical guest, Tyler Simmons, has been living his authentic self since he was a young boy. Once Tyler realized his gift, he never looked back. He has pursued a career in the music world and he can be found on Instagram @tylersimmusic. Tonight, Tyler performed one of his original songs called, ‘Ordinary’. It was anything but ordinary!

Our Shining Star was the very inspiring Oliver Tanenbaum. After reading a heartbreaking and heartwarming post from his father Dan, we reached out to Oliver to share his personal story about resiliency and living your authentic self. Oliver spoke about his own incredible journey. Following his passion for reading, Oliver wanted to engage others. So, he decided to start a book club at his school. Oliver put himself out there, made poster announcements and all the arrangements, but sadly, nobody showed up. He was disappointed, but did not let that disappointment discourage him. Instead, Oliver decided to ask a local book store to showcase his recommended books. ‘Oliver’s Picks’ are currently featured at Type Books. Now, Oliver is proud to say that he has other members joining him in his book club, and we are sure many more will follow.

Lindsay @One2GiveTo left us with an inspiring challenge. Now that we are returning back to school, she asked families to write a note in their children’s bag to give to their teachers to express their support and respect. It’s these little gestures that make a big difference and go a long way.

Thank you to all of our special guests who are amazing, just the way they are!