Our students never cease to amaze us with their passion, drive and determination.
Samantha Adler is no exception. Samantha is a former PGB student from Humewood Public School. She chose Camp Oochigeas as her Project Give Back subject. Yet her project did not end with the school year. Samantha was so touched by what the program taught her and her classmates, that she wanted to ensure that even more children could benefit from the lessons that she learned. As a true example of giving back, Samantha is doing just that.

You see, Samantha will have her Bat Mitzvah in Israel next August. For her Bat Mitzvah project, she has chosen PROJECT GIVE BACK as her focus!
She has said that the program helped her and so many other students to understand the value of GIVING BACK to their communities, and she wants to ‘pay it forward’.
To begin, Samantha plans on helping to mentor some students who will be doing projects through the organization. Furthermore, she also plans to raise money to ensure that this program continues. Together with her mom, they organized a fundraiser; a Pilates class, with all proceeds going directly to PROJECT GIVE BACK.

This event is the first one of its kind initiated by one of our students. We take great pride and honour in Samantha’s altruistic endeavour. It is a true testament to her character that she has chosen to take on this selfless initiative and we will be with her to support her wholeheartedly.
Bravo to you, Samantha, for continuing to follow your heart, talking the talk and walking the walk.