S2- Episode 4 When Passion Leads

S2- Episode 4 When Passion Leads


This Episode is all about Passion – When you find that thing, whatever it is that rocks your world, your world opens up. Everything becomes brighter, happier, more meaningful and you meet people who are so similar to you. Some people are born with knowing what that is. Others take time to find it. But eventually, it finds you! And once it does find you, never let it go.

Here are some people who have found their thing at very young ages.  Our first guest is a world champion water skier. Her name is Neilly Ross – check out her Instagram @neilly.ross. This 20 year old world champion water skier is also a member of the Canadian National Water Ski Team. Neilly’s specialty is both slalom and tricks. She currently resides in Orlando Florida, where she can ski all year round.  Along with her family, Neilly runs a water ski school. Having just finished up her tournament season, she plans to continue training and learn new tricks for next season. 

Neilly found her passion for her sport at the tender young age of 3. She always wanted to ski, in fact she grew up on skis. Her father, Drew Ross  is also a professional slalom water skier. But it wasn’t until the age of 11, when Neilly competed in her first competition, in Australia.  She placed second and realized that she could make this work as a career.  It was then and there that she decided to go pro and try to become the best in the world. 

Neilly quickly learned that nothing in life comes without sacrifice, but worthwhile, when you’re pursuing your passion.  She has experienced many lows, including injuries and loss.  She says it is easy to be discouraged when things don’t go your way, but it’s the highs that make it worthwhile.  Neilly gets to enjoy travel.  She has made lifelong friendships, some of which are her biggest competitors, and it pushes her to become more competitive. She says that there’s nothing better than achieving something that you’ve worked so hard for. 

When giving advice to young people who are also following their unique passions, Neilly says to work at it as hard as you can.  Even though she may get nervous at tournaments, she always reminds herself that this won’t be her last tournament. She stresses, “so go for it, do the best you can and see what happens!”

We can’t wait to see what happens to Neilly in her next tournament.  We will be rooting for you, Neilly!

Speaking of passion, we next heard from young performer, Maddie Monson.  Singing is one of her many passions, as it clearly shines through.  Tonight she sang, ‘The Climb’ by Miley Cyrus, a song that echoes the theme about following your dreams and learning from mistakes. 

Our Shining Star, is a thriving young Ambassador and Advocate. Her name is Ryann Fineberg. Ryann is 14 years old, but discovered her passion at the age of 8,  when she stumbled upon an anti-fur protest.  After taking notice of their flyer, it ignited a spark in her.  So when Ryann took part in Project Give Back, she chose PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as her cause, learning more about educating and inspiring others about a cause that was meaningful to her. This experience has since opened many doors for Ryann. Through her participation in Girls Belong, and Plan Canada, Ryann now works with The Body Shop as a youth Ambassador. Ryann also participates and has helped to organize climate strikes and protests, where she speaks out about climate change and itsdevastating impact upon animal agriculture. 

All three of our guests have found their passions in their youth and are already making a big impact upon the world. Just imagine what the future holds for them? Continue to follow your dreams!