Puppy Love


Like most kids, Connor has a fondness for animals. Four years ago, this fondness lead him and his family to adopt a dog from an animal rescue shelter, named Safehome Animal Rescue. Ever since, Connor and his family have provided a warm and loving environment for their dog Rusty and have given Rusty a new start on life. Because of this experience Connor has always been aware of and concerned for homeless animals. But his actions didn’t stop there. After teaching his classmates about this wonderful cause through Project Give Back, Connor decided he wanted to do more. So, instead of accepting gifts for his birthday this year, he asked his friends to donate to the charity instead. His family matched the donations and together they raised $800 for Safehome. Now because of Connor’s generous and thoughtful contribution, other animals have been rescued and placed in loving homes. So while Connor may be like most kids, not all kids would chose to do such a considerate gesture and take on such a commitment. Connor’s actions go to prove that if we follow our passion and put them into action, we can truly make a difference in this world. Bravo Connor on being a role model for others and a Shining Star for all to emulate.

(Connor is the beaming cutie on the bottom left!)