Project Give Back Connects

Project Give Back Connects


Project Give Back Connects – Episode 1 Recap

Last night marked our first Zoom broadcast of a new initiative that we have launched called PGB Connects, and what a show it was! 

The format is simple: each episode follows a specific theme, featuring a young person who is making an impact, listening to a performance by a young superstar, and learning from an expert. We also hear from our Kindness Connector Lindsay, to learn about current projects that we can help. 

Last night’s theme was about overcoming challenges – a theme that resonates with us all these days. As Ellen stated, “It’s our day-to-day struggles and challenges that teach us best. Without them, we wouldn’t and couldn’t possibly be the people we are today.”

The episode began with a musical performance from Halle Burnett who sang Rise Up, by Andra Day. It was a hauntingly beautiful rendition which echoed the challenges that Halle herself has overcome, by facing her anxiety. Halle learned to turn “mountains into low roads” and urged her listeners to, “Never give up on yourself”.

Next, we were treated to sage advice from Adrienne Gold, a former Canadian television personality and public speaker. Adrienne shared the story of an ancient Japanese folklore that led to the art of Kintsugi- repairing broken pottery through the use of gold as a bonding material. The story related to her own experience of growing up with severe OCD. Instead of dwelling on her disorder, she learned to grow strength from it. Like in her example, she took something that was broken and repaired it to become even more beautiful – in other words, accentuating the breakage instead of hiding it. She shared many words of wisdom, including this thought: “We make ourselves more valuable when we put ourselves back together.” It was a pleasure to share Adrienne’s voice with our community and if she left you wanting more, check out her podcast called, Rise and Shine.

Next up, was our Shining Star, Arissa Roy, a 14 year old dynamo, who has learned at a very young age the power of giving. She shared her own human rights initiative called, Project Power and all that she has done in her very own community to improve the lives of others. This incredible young lady will certainly be one to watch!

To finish off this inspiring evening, we heard from our Kindness Connector, Lindsay Detsky, who, along with a few friends, has started up One2Give. The focus of this initiative is to help a current local cause that is in great need. She spoke about food insecurity and how food banks are in such a dire predicament especially during COVID. Lindsay introduced us to one food bank in particular called, Breeton Cupboard (through St. Michaels’ Church). She put out a call to action for those who can to drop off food and other non perishable items on Wednesdays and Sundays. Let’s do this! Check out her Instagram for more info  @one2giveto

Overcoming challenges is never easy, but we all have the power to do so. We at PGB Connects have now overcome the challenge of putting out our first Zoom broadcast and like our boomerang suggests, when you throw kindness into the world, it always comes back. 

See you in two weeks!!!