PGB Now More Than Ever!


Over the past few months, one thing has remained consistent: the power of kindness. Kindness has come in many forms, through actions big and small. Some people have raised money, while others have helped neighbours and communities. Sometimes kindness has been shown through a simple act of crossing the street to allow for social distancing upon a walk. While wearing a mask may block those lovely smiles from our faces, these simple and grand gestures continue to shine through with our daily actions. 

And while we prepare for our students to head back to school, many questions and concerns remain. Although Project Give Back may be different this year, it will endure, as it is the cornerstone of the values that we want to instil in our students now and always; it is an essential service in delivering kindness.

So even if we are not able to come to you live and in person in all of your classrooms this year, we are here for you. Those students who have participated in our program in the past have the tools to build upon what they have learned and spread that kindness beyond their classrooms. For those students who will be participating this year and moving forward, your kindness is needed now more than ever. This global pandemic has opened our minds to the world around us. Project Give Back will continue to open your hearts. 

Stay tuned for further updates to see how Project Give Back is moving forward and keeping kindness at the front of the lines.