Kindness Always Wins


These are definitely strange times we find ourselves in, but regardless of the circumstances one thing remains certain throughout all this uncertainty; Kindness prevails.

Now more than ever, kindness and consideration for others is what will get us through. It can show itself in the most various and creative forms. We’ve been virtually entertained by friends, strangers and celebrities alike. Live-streamed or posted concerts, storytelling and joke sharing have helped us to keep up our spirits. Baked goods and care packages have been left upon doorsteps. Many have sacrificed to help elderly or neighbours in need with grocery shopping, retrieving medicine or running simple errands that can simply no longer be run.

They always say that good can come from bad. I am certain that this is so. It really is about keeping a positive perspective and looking out for one another.

Humankindness should be another new term to add to our growing lexicon along with social distancing and flattening the curve. We are all in this together and if there is one thing that can get us through, it’s looking out for one another.

Stay safe everyone!