Kids these days………..They rock! Really, they do.

Project Give Back is so inspirational and empowering because of our incredible client base; these kids. They never cease to amaze us with the stories that they share; some are simple, while others are grand. Yet, they all embody the common thread of kindness, empathy, and true altruism. We love when our students share these stories with us, so we can feature them upon our Kidspiration wall. Here, stories are posted for all students in the school to view.

In keeping with the season of giving, (which ultimately reflects the year long sentiment of Project Give Back) we thought we’d highlight a few these stories that our students have shared with us, so far.

For example, there’s Sarah and Lilah, who went through their old toys in their basements and donated them to children in need.

Or Juliet, who held a lemonade stand to raise money for Sick Kids, donating $43 all on her own merits.

Then there’s Orli, who donated 12” of her own hair to people suffering from cancer.

Brandon wrote about his own sister, Lylah, who, along with a friend, donated money for Ve’ahavata. They sold lemonade and bake goods in efforts to raise over $250 which they gave directly to the charity.

It can also come in the form of the simplest of gestures like Bella, who shows the utmost support for her little sister. Bella is always there for her when she’s sad, having problems or just needing support with homework.

Can things like kindness really be taught or is it something truly inherent in a child? Well, if we really expect students to follow by example, then what better example to show than children helping others. Our Kidspirational students and their stories exemplify just that. And what better time then this time of year to share in the spirit of giving?

Keep it up kids and let’s continue to make Kidspiration a year-round tradition.

Happy Holidays!