Just another week of PGB!

If we took a snippet of what goes on in the class rooms on a weekly basis, it would be overwhelming; the sense of pride, awareness and compassion is simply beyond comparison.

Take what went on in a classroom at Regal Road this past week; where Ariana presented her charity, Redemption Paws. This charity rescues dogs from natural disasters and assists in finding dogs proper homes. Ariana not only thoroughly researched her chosen charity, but met with the owner herself and involved her whole family in the planning and preparation of her presentation. It was a true labour of love for the whole family, who helped Ariana cut out fabrics to use as part of her class activity. The activity involved all students in giving back by making tug toys for the pups, that would in turn be passed on to the charity.

Now take this one class room and multiply that by 46 plus, and that’s a typical week at PGB. If it’s not animal rescues it may be medical research for Dystopia, or Tourette Canada, or various food banks, and the list goes on and on…….

There are teachers gushing, students beaming and parents appreciative of personal touches like the home phone calls to students and the personal write ups presented to each student the week following their lesson. There’s also high fives, big smiles, warm hugs, and pats on the back all by peers. It doesn’t matter if English is your first language, or you have a learning disability, a physical disability or whatever community you live in, the results are the same. You will see meaningful, educational, purposeful, and relatable learning, discussion and involvement; that’s what PGB is all about.

Can’t wait to see what happens next week!
Stay tuned…..