You see this charming young man here, his name is John MacPherson, and whether it is the first time you’re hearing his name, it won’t be the last.
John is one of the bravest boys I have met. Throughout his childhood, he’s had to endure some grueling hospital visits. You see, John was born with a rare disorder known as Syndromic Craniosynostosis. This disorder affected the formation of his bone structure and as a result, John has undergone several surgeries to correct the shape of his skull and face, reducing the pressure that it puts upon his brain.
To hear John speak about it, it’s no big deal.But, it IS a big deal! Because of John, he and his parents decided to take their struggle and turn it into a strength, not just for themselves, but for all others. Their intention is to help others who not only suffer from this condition but any other. As a result they have started their own charity known as, John’s Plate, in conjunction with Sick Kids Hospital. The charity sets out to promote healthy eating and leading a healthy lifestyle.
The plate itself, refers to a specific menu item sold at participating restaurants. Each John’s plate that is sold raises funds for Sick Kids.
It’s both a noble and inspiring idea and more restaurants should catch on. We are all accustomed to the typical children’s menu which boast familiar food items: pizza, chicken fingers, hot dogs etc. While these items are quite popular with the under 12 crowd, a healthy alternative is certainly a refreshing change. Eat healthy and do a good deed, couldn’t think of a better combination!
Over the past few years, John and his family have hosted fundraising events at a local family restaurant called Shakeys. To date, these events, along with the sales of John’s Plate have raised over $37,000.
While John is currently healthy, the long term effects of his disorder are still unknown. If John himself is any indication, I am certain that he and his charity will go on to do wonders for others in need.
Thank you for being the inspiring role model that you are John, and may your plate always remain hearty and bountiful.