Hop To It!


William Carter is a budding young entrepreneur and a shining star in his own right. He is also a grade 5 student who, along with his friends, have learned how to make a big difference in the lives of others. For the past few years, William has participated in a financial literacy program for young students called, ‘Explorer Hop’. The program teaches children fiscal responsibility and relevant business skills, such as how to advertise and market products. But the program also offers so much more; financial literacy coupled with social justice. What an enterprising partnership indeed!

In the past two years, William participated in an inspiring upstart program called, ‘Young Entrepreneurs Creating Change’. Initially, William created a fundraiser to raise awareness for the melting polar ice, with a “hot lemonade” stand. This year, William, along with his team, was approached by a local business, Thobors Bakery. They were enlisted to bake bread and fundraise for a cause that was meaningful to all them, #BuyBreadSaveLives. In December, the team organized a bake sale with proceeds going to Sick Kids. This specific cause was chosen, as the hospital recently helped one of William’s teammates, who had suffered a mild concussion. The team wanted to give back and, in the end, they raised over $400!

William states that he likes the program because it allows you to raise awareness for a good cause. With more students like William participating in programs like ‘Explorer Hop’, there is no limit to the impact that these young entrepreneurs can make and how they can foster positive change in the lives of others. Empowering young students to become future leaders, who embrace social responsibility and become global citizens is a concept that we all can support.