Today, and every day, we remember and honour Joe Goodbaum.

Joe dedicated his life to his family, his community and anyone who was lucky enough to know him.

We at PGB were blessed to have Joe as one of our founding sponsors. Not just Joey, but his entire family and Telus Communications as well. Without his support, we wouldn’t have the program that we have today. It was this kind of generosity and spirit that he embodied.

Joe believed in the goodness and kindness of others. He was a role model to all and a leader of great magnitude. He was a walking sermon; he didn’t need to say much, for his actions and sincerity, and his smile said it all.

Joe would always say “Your sponsor appreciation night is one of my favourite nights of the year.” He loved seeing kindness and empathy in action. When he saw our students present, he beamed with pride. Joe loved being a part of it and we all learned from him. If we all walked Joey’s walk, our world would be that much greater.

Joe, we love you forever and your spark will continue to shine always.

Love your Project Give Back Family