Episode 6 Recap – The Science of Self-Compassion

Episode 6 Recap – The Science of Self-Compassion


It’s so important to build ourselves up, especially during difficult times. And tonight’s episode showed us how to do just that.

Our first guest was Dr. Jodi Larry, a Naturopathic Doctor, who is well known for her ‘Cleanse for Life’ program. She spoke about leading a healthy lifestyle and being the best version of ourselves. She taught us that self-compassion is not a human default, it is a practice.

Compassion is something that we often share with others, yet we don’t always take for ourselves. Jodi said, that whenever we experience stress, fear or anxiety, we become self-critical. Since self compassion is generally not taught, it’s a practice that we need to work towards. Social media is certainly not helping matters, so we need to work on rewiring our way of thinking. 

Jodi spoke about this act as a form of science. When our brain goes into high emotion, the emotional brain turns on, and we become self-critical. Instead, we need to become self-aware; to soothe ourselves with love and support. This calms our brain and allows us to move through our emotions. Start by being mindful; be positive and take a deep breath. It will help to settle ourselves, and we will be truly rewarded. Thank you Dr. Larry for these game changing ideas!

We then heard from our shining star, July Dorland. July suffered kidney failure at birth and had to undergo a kidney transplant at the age of 6. It’s been 11 years since her transplant, and July has continued to celebrate by continuously giving back. This love of giving started in Grade 4, when July chose the ‘Kidney Foundation of Canada’ for her Project Give Back journey. Since then, she has raised over $60,000 and has been awarded and acknowledged as the youngest recipient to raise such a large amount for the Foundation. July learned at a young age a whole new sense of life and a true appreciation for health and wellness. 

Joy Badler is a former principal from Crestwood School. Students have always felt safe and loved in her presence. Mrs. B, as she is affectionately known, has launched her own consulting business to promote mindfulness. She teaches skills to calm students and provide safety. At the core of her practice is an affirmation poem by Louise Hay called, ‘I Love Myself’. Joy shared with us strategies that she teaches children to overcome the experience of feeling overwhelmed; from being in touch with your breath to practicing daily affirmations and self-reflection. These tools help us to realize that the power lies within ourselves. Thank you to this “Chief Encourager” for sharing her words and wisdom.

And then we were treated to another beautiful voice, Jules Halpern, who charmed us with her brilliant performance of, “I Say a Little Prayer” by Aretha Franklin.

Kindness Corner capped off the show. We heard from Lindsay @one2giveto who encouraged us to support small local businesses. Whether it’s writing a positive review or shopping local, Lindsay shared how to support these small businesses in our community, by giving back to those who are always there for us. 

Tonight’s episode reconfirmed a value that we already knew, but don’t always practice; that making others feel better, helps us to feel better about ourselves. The reverse is also true. Make sure to be kind to yourself, so you can pass on that kindness to others as well!