As we start a New Year..


It’s a new year.

Time for new beginnings and those always hopeful, well intentioned and idealistic new year resolutions.  We all make them. But how many of us actually keep them? Whether it’s losing those last pesky 10 pounds or to make up for the overindulgence of the holiday season, you know what I’m talking about.

But imagine if each new year brought an  opportunity to make a difference in this world. Wouldn’t that be the best resolution to keep? Well, guess what?  Each year almost 1200 of our students make that resolve through their projects.  They inspire, they educate and they enlighten their peers.  They open up their hearts and with this vulnerability, they encourage others to show compassion and empathy.  It is an amazing journey to witness and we at PGB are so fortunate to do so. 

Here’s a toast to 2019 and  to all  the amazing stories that are about to unfold within our classrooms.

Cheers to you all XO