You can say it’s all in the family or even a family affair!
Let us introduce you to Daniel, Michelle and their three daughter’s: Olivia, Ashlee, and Abby.
Meet the Wittlin’s.
Daniel is one of PGB’s most devoted sponsors and has been from the very beginning. Without his generosity and support our program would not be able to flourish the way it does. Meanwhile, Michelle has been volunteering her time as a PGB teacher for the past six years, wanting her involvement to be more hands on. While raising a young family, she wanted her precious time away from her girls to be meaningful and have purpose. Well it certainly has, for the Wittlin’s kindness and generous spirit has had an enormous impact on their family. Now, their daughters wanted to show their own support. Olivia and Ashlee recently celebrated their Bat Mitzvah, and as a result they have generously donated a large portion of their gifts to our program. They decided to set up a Tzdekah fund in honour of their B’not Mitzvah. It was a decision that the girls made on their own without any hesitation. Donating the funds to PGB was the obvious choice for them. Not only had they witnessed the generous contributions made by their parents, they too experienced the full impact of the program when they were both in Grade 5. Olivia channelled her love of animals and chose to present WWF as her charity, while Ashlee wanted to provide the same camping opportunity that she enjoys to all children, despite their abilities. She featured Camp Aim for her project. And although Abby is still a few years away from presenting a charity of her own, I have no doubt that the influence that her older sisters have had on her will definitely play an important role in her choosing. They say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If the Wittlin family is any example, then this tree is a Giving tree; reflecting the true gift of giving back. We are so lucky to have them as an integral part of our PGB family.